Kenya Project Abstract May 2017
Kenya Progress Report May 2017 Kenya Progress Report November 2016
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Kenya Project CMM and BPM

Kenya Team: Piggs Peak, Swaziland, May 2017
Ernest Makokha, Linet John, Rosemary Okova, Nancy Bowen, Winnie Shena, Rose Kuria, Barack Odinda,

Kenya Team: Entebbe, Uganda November 2016
Back row: Barack Odinda, Winnie Shena, Ernest Makokha

Front row: Linet John, Nancy Bowen, Rose Kuria

Kenya Team: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania July 2016
Ernest Makokha; Nancy Bowen; Linet John; Rose Kuria; Rosemary Okova; Edna Tallam; Barack Odindo

Kenya Team: Johannesburg, South Africa February 2016
Rose Kuria; Rosemary Okova; Jeremiah Maina; Ernest Makokha; Patrick Kisabei


The Kenya LARC team aim to increase the number of acceptable specimens collected for viral load (VL) testing by 80% from July 2016 to February, 2017. Specific activities will include situational assessments of specimen collection at Homa Bay Level 4 as a key component of the pre-test laboratory process. Homa Bay County Referral hospital is a high volume facility located in one of five high burden counties targeted for ART saturation toward epidemic control in Kenya. Specific measurable activities to be implemented will include:

1. Document Review
o determine the existence of standard operating procedure tools relevant to specimen collection of VL testing.

2. Specimen Collection Resources
To assess facilityĆ­s capacity in undertaking specimen collection, processing, packaging and transportation for VL testing to referral laboratories.

3. Health Care Workers
To assess the capacity and competencies of health professionals to collect and handle specimen for VL testing.

4. DBS Processing
To review compliance with best practices and guidance for preparation and packaging of whole blood, plasma and DBS for VL testing.

5. Inventory System
To review inventory systems for consumables used for collecting and handling VL specimens.