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Swaziland Project CMM and BPM

Swaziland team: Piggs Peak, Swaziland, May 2017

Swaziland team: Entebbe, Uganda November 2016

Back row: Nokulunga Dlamini; Sindisiwe Dlamini; Gladys Thebisile Khumalo Front row: Glory Msibi; Dan Gama; Sehlephi Kuhlese-Dlamini

Swaziland team: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania August 2016
Glory Msibi; Sindisiwe Dlamini; Dan Gama; Nokulunga Dlamini; Gladys Thebisile Khumalo

Swaziland Team: Johannesburg, South Africa July 2016
(Back row) Dan Gamma; Sindisiwe Susan Dlamini; Bheki Mamba.

(Front row) Gladys Khumalo; Glory Msbibi; Ruth Mkhonta; Sebanele Millicent Dlamini



To increase the percentage of patients with high viral load results with documented and appropriate clinical interventions from an estimated 20% to 50% by 22nd July 2016 with a long term goal of 80%


All patients with high viral loads (above 1000copies/ml) at Motshane clinic

Number of patients with high viral load results (above 1000 copies/ml) with appropriate actions taken within 2 working days.


A high viral load tracking register will be implemented in the clinic. All who handle the high viral load results will have to sign in the register under the actions taken. The aim is to have the patient called and appointment for follow up set within 2 working days of the results being received in the laboratory. This will reduce the loss of high viral load results as they will be filed immediately after patient is called in for review.

A results inbox will be mounted in the consultation rooms of the ART clinic so that high results which are pending actions will be visible to all staff and will be segregated from other paperwork. There will also be visual cues to mark high viral load results from the laboratory in the form of red sticker dots or highlighting of the results text. The National Molecular Reference Laboratory will provide monthly summary updates to the facility of all high viral load results which will ensure that no patients are missed.